Monday, 23 June 2014

Leaving Home to go Home!

On 24th June we were to leave Northern Ireland to return to Mozambique.  Plans have changed! On Saturday 21st June we became aware of a French Air Traffic Controller Strike schedufrom 24th - 29th.  We have been advised by our Airline to postpone our trip until after the strike.  We have now rescheduled to depart on Tuesday 1st July.  We are still waiting to hear back from the airline regarding the last leg of our journey (Johannesburg - Maputo).  We praise God that the other flights have been moved free of charge.

As we conclude our time here in Northern Ireland we praise God for His goodness to us in so many ways; health and strength, for a new addition to our family (Lydia), for the twins great year at the community playgroup, for many treasured memories of time with family and friends, for the teaching and encouragement we have received through our church, for the privilege of reconnecting with many friends and supporters, for the blessing of meeting new people and making new friends!  God is truly Jehoveh Jireh (The Lord Provides).

Phillipians 4 v 19 Our God supplies all our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!

Some highlights ....
Tractor mad!  Noah at Kilrea Tractor Run
 Play parks galore


Preparing for school.  Abigail and Joshua are to start school on 4th August in Mozambique.
 Praise God for hard work for all the volunteers, donors, customers & supporters of Girassol!  £2,452.70 was raised by the recent Fashion show to help buy a container full of All Terrain wheelchairs for those most in need in Mozambique.
 Stall of up cycled goods.
 The cake stall

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done ...

We would like to encourage you to plan to come along to at least one of these events.  Invite others to come too!  We will talk about the Helping hands project in Mozambique and are very much looking forward to the opportunity to hear each speaker share their story.  We pray that these events will help all of us consider the realities of disability in the light of God's purpose, love and grace.  Might there be someone that you could invite to come with you?

Saturday, 23 November 2013

News and much more!

On Friday 1st November at 1.52pm, we welcomed Lydia Violet into our family!  View our latest quarterly newsletter for photos (click link on the left).  Also, keep an eye on the right hand side of this blog for a list of our forthcoming speaking engagements.Photo: Beautiful Lydia, the latest addition to our extended family!

African or Northern Irish???
"Wow, Abi, look at all this sugar!" proclaims Joshua!  When we asked some of our African friends if they knew what snow was, they responded with the idea that it was like mist!

We encourage you to pray for Mozambique as political tensions have been running high over recent months.  We praise God that local elections passed off on Wednesday 20th November without major incident even though the fear of violence and rumours of war are very evident.  It is tremendously worrying to learn that the main opposition party boycotted the polls because they claim that the elections are flawed and unfair.  There is very real danger that significant numbers choose violence over peaceful dialogue.  Pray that Mozambique will seek God and his intervention. 'And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You' Psalm 9 v 10.

We rejoice that on Saturday 23rd November the first graduates from the Maputo Bible Seminary four year full-time program will graduate!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Home and Away

Praise God for the mobility aids that have already been distributed to people in need from the container which came from the UK.

 Rute received a chair and has since begun to attend church.  A very practical act of love!
 Pastor Dinis, Pastor Juca and Brother Carlos among a consignment of wheelchairs, crutches and walking aids destined for the north of the country (more remote and underdeveloped).
 Brother Samito and his bride with the Pastor and his wife.  Samito has worked with the mission as a carpenter for several years.  It is encouraging to see his grow up and mature spiritually.

 Pastor and 'Chef' Abel and 'Pretend Chef' Kelly preparing a meal for all the Pastors and their wives at our quarterly couples event.  Our desire is to strengthen the marriages of the leaders as a means to see families and churches built up.  A discouraged leader can never encourage anyone else!
 Sharon and I cutting a cake!  Coincidently, the date fell on our wedding anniversary!
 A tree house built on our residential compound in Maputo.
Joshua building the walls of Jericho!
Naomi with Abigail, Joshua and Noah on 19th August, the morning we left Mozambique!
An exciting discovery en-route ...
... the twentieth time ...
And then timeout ... 
Notice Joshua setting the trend with his sunglasses in the dark room when wanting to nap!
Waiting for boarding!
 All aboard! This is Noah before slipping onto the floor while continuing to sleep!
The children are really enjoying their time here in Northern Ireland though they could not understand why we call it 'home!'  They understand Maputo to be 'home'!  Home and Away!

 In tune with current affairs in Northern Ireland but maybe not 100% British or Irish! Not a bad 'Statue of Liberty impersonation!
Another milestone! Twins first day at playgroup!

Thank you so much for your partnership!