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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I want to introduce you to my sister in Christ Arcenia (left of photo). She is a member of our Nkateko group. Arcenia loved to make the Christmas stars. While we were in Ireland in the summer we received news that Arcenia had suffered paralysis down one side.

Upon our return to Mozambique I visited Arcenia along with Michelle, who arrived in Mozambique a month ago. When we arrived at the house we were welcomed in by member of the family. Arcenia is mother to 4 children. Her husband is one of the leaders at the Khongolote church. He was born with albanism. When we walked into the dark room Armenia was lying on the floor on a mattress. We greeted and chatted. As I knelt on the floor beside her she told me of what happened. It seems like one day she woke with this paralysis. Before this, Arcenia seemed to be a strong and healthy young woman. Now she cannot walk. She has little or no sensation down one side of her body and her face is also partially affected. During the conversation Arcenia said that she was sorry her husband was not at home when we visited. She said 'If we all stay here we will all die of hunger'. Her husband, even though his eyesight is limited, is training to be an english teacher at University and teaching english to children to provide income. My heart ached for her. She asked about the possibility of getting a wheelchair from Helping Hands. We listened and prayed.

The next sunday I was delighted to see Arcenia arrive at church in her 'new' wheelchair. I was so encouraged as the wheelchair seemed to meet her needs perfectly with adequate support. We praise God that He provided that wheelchair in Ireland even before Arcenia needed it. She was wheeled up to the front where she worshipped God. Later her husband preached on how we need to praise God in the midst of our difficulties. In the course of the sermon he motioned to his wife and proclaimed that she was his, he loved her and would stand by her. What a testimony in a country where people with disability are not valued.

I ask you to join with us in prayer for Arcenia! May God use this difficult situation for His Glory. We pray that if it is in His will that He would heal Arcenia.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Summer Prayer Letter

Our Latest prayer letter has been published on our blog under the title 'Quarterly Newsletters' We praise God for your interest and prayers!

Monday, 2 May 2016

13 Wheelchairs sent to Northern Mozambique

We praise God for His provision in making a way for 13 wheelchairs to be taken to Northern Mozambique. Currently it is not safe to travel by road to the North of Mozambique as there is political unrest. However, our friends, Daryl and Leah Burnette were sending containers to the North of Mozambique as they are moving there to minister. We asked them if they would have space for wheelchairs and they kindly agreed. We pray that these wheelchairs will reach those that most need them. We praise God for the cooperation of a Wesleyan pastor in Nampula who has a heart for this ministry.

Pastor Apolinario

His Story

Apolinario was born with disability though circumstances and lack of medical attention led to further complexities and limitations for him. Though he has faced rejection he exhibits hope and courage. He tells of how a missionary some years ago showed him compassion providing him a wheelchair and then a motorized tricycle in order to get to school. Later he served as a volunteer teaching literacy at the children’s centre (House of Ants!) founded by the same missionary. He received help and in turn helped many others. He is now a Church leader

What Helping Hands are doing to Help

In God’s providence, Helping Hands came to learn of Apolinario through another missionary who was in conversation with an official at the Religious Affairs office. This missionary then contacted Helping Hands to see if we could help. After establishing a trust relationship with him through several visits, we were blessed to be able to introduce our visiting team from the Ireland to him. The team were very willing to take on the challenge to try to overhaul Apolinario’s motorized tricycle in the hope that they could get it back on the road. Praise God, the tricycle is working again - providing much more freedom to our new found friend! We pray that Apolinario will grow in His knowdlege of God’s love and grace and be a used mightily for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.


We first encountered Florencia on my birthday. We were going as a family to a cafĂ© for breakfast and as we were travelling saw a lady struggling to maneuver her tricycle up a hill. A large truck was behind her on the road and was peeping his horn signaling his disapproval that she was holding up the traffic. We were in the other lane. The traffic lights turned red and I jumped out of the car and ran to her to push her up the hill. I pushed her a distance and found out that she was on her way to a physiotherapy session at the hospital. I took her number and we then started to visit her with members of the T3 church. She spent time in the past in hospital completely paralysed. Now she lives in a little room at the back of a plot of ground. She has one son who is in an orphanage as she cannot look after him. Life is very difficult. She tries to make the journey to the hospital 3 times a week hoping that her situation will improve. One day she rang us in desperation saying that she had fallen out of her tricycle on the road and hurt herself. Melvin and I went to help her. Pray that Christ’s love will be evident to this precious lady and that she will come to know Christ. Pray that God will touch her body so she gains more mobility.