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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I want to introduce you to my sister in Christ Arcenia (left of photo). She is a member of our Nkateko group. Arcenia loved to make the Christmas stars. While we were in Ireland in the summer we received news that Arcenia had suffered paralysis down one side.

Upon our return to Mozambique I visited Arcenia along with Michelle, who arrived in Mozambique a month ago. When we arrived at the house we were welcomed in by member of the family. Arcenia is mother to 4 children. Her husband is one of the leaders at the Khongolote church. He was born with albanism. When we walked into the dark room Armenia was lying on the floor on a mattress. We greeted and chatted. As I knelt on the floor beside her she told me of what happened. It seems like one day she woke with this paralysis. Before this, Arcenia seemed to be a strong and healthy young woman. Now she cannot walk. She has little or no sensation down one side of her body and her face is also partially affected. During the conversation Arcenia said that she was sorry her husband was not at home when we visited. She said 'If we all stay here we will all die of hunger'. Her husband, even though his eyesight is limited, is training to be an english teacher at University and teaching english to children to provide income. My heart ached for her. She asked about the possibility of getting a wheelchair from Helping Hands. We listened and prayed.

The next sunday I was delighted to see Arcenia arrive at church in her 'new' wheelchair. I was so encouraged as the wheelchair seemed to meet her needs perfectly with adequate support. We praise God that He provided that wheelchair in Ireland even before Arcenia needed it. She was wheeled up to the front where she worshipped God. Later her husband preached on how we need to praise God in the midst of our difficulties. In the course of the sermon he motioned to his wife and proclaimed that she was his, he loved her and would stand by her. What a testimony in a country where people with disability are not valued.

I ask you to join with us in prayer for Arcenia! May God use this difficult situation for His Glory. We pray that if it is in His will that He would heal Arcenia.

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